Monday, September 10, 2012

29 face 10/29 Diana Goddess

I was going somewhere totally different.  I wanted to do an Afro girl, but this is what came out during sketching time.
mixed mdia 98lb 9x12 paper
HB graphite pencil


Lime Tree said...

isn't that funny how drawing/paitnings/ art in general have a life of their own? They totally come out the way the want to! happens to me all the time! LOL

love, love the way yours decided to come out! :)

denthe said...

Happens to me too! I love it when it happens, just going with the flow and letting your art lead you. Love how she came out!

Lola D said...

Lime Tree & denthe
Thank you!.

I love how creative experiences do their own twists. When I have a specific plan, I can never really create anythign I truly like. WHen I have a notion, but let it do what it wants, then I have pieces I like! :) Same goes with my writing. :)

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting! I love both of yoru works :)

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

lol. You are wise not to try and argue with a piece of art work that has a mind of its own!