Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Titian Temptress - My Bead Jewelry Muse

Titian (tish-en) Temptress: ON the Bead Binge August 11, 2007

Titian Temptress
Sometimes it amazes me how something takes a hold of you and refuses to let go. The muse, of whatever craft or art you choose, snatches you from some other area of your life and drags you into her crafty web spell. I love it! I've needed to get out of one mind and soul and emotional draining suck pool into something more beautiful and uplifting. My writing muse, she's blue, her name is Blue, her skin is blue, her favorite color is blue, her feeding is blue depression or blue passion or blue thunder. I don't know what color my beading muse is. She hasn't told me yet.

She's crafty, that bead muse. Maybe she's not a "bead" muse. Maybe she is a
jewelry muse, or the wire wench. Aaah yes, the Wire Wench! How devil may care, how violent, how brilliant, how savage! Yes, Wire Wench. She's silver. She's silver filigreed with crystal droplets at the corners of her eyes. Her lips are glittered blue, a tribute to her writing sister. Her lashes are 32-gauge silver coils, perfectly shaped. Her skin is warm caramel copper. In the sunlight she shimmers metallic red and quick mercury silver. Her hair is banded in silver and copper it hangs to her waist when straight; it frizzes to bi-colored layers when not. She wears copper and silver chaine maile. She wears copper arm and ankle bands. Down her right side is an African tribal carved and filled with twisted streams of copper and silver.

Maybe her name is Copper Queen, Titian (tish-en) Temptress! That is she!!

An itroduction to Lola D's jewelry muse.