Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ocean's Madonna

This is my adaptation of the spiek tutorial. I liked constructing it, so I made another composition. Originally is was going to be a pair of earrings. Then I didn't cut the units in two. I started forming them around faces and stones just to play. This is the one that stuck.

First attempt at Spike Seahorse tut

I am starting to feel better. The nose isn't as stuffed or runny and I am not coughing as badly. My head is relatively clear as long as I don't eat too quickly or bend over for any length of time. In my better feeling self, I decided to take a stab at making this seahorse tut I purchased a couple days ago! I love it! Even wrote a review for it on the site!

I've been featured- Thank you Mary

I'm so excited! I've been featured on Mary Anne Gruen's Vaudville Rose blog! Mary was kind enough to do a wonderful write up of my jewelry and writing work over on her blog. She is a doll! She, herself, does wonderful writing pieces and takes gorgeous pictures of her rose gardens,etc. You must stop by her Starlight Blog to check it out. Mary also has several pieces posted on Scribd.com Be sure to visit her there as well!

Once again, thank you for the honor, Mary! HUGS!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Jewelry

This piece started out as a wire cuff. I was about to run out of wire however. I ended up stretching the piece out of shape. It morphed into Darla's Pride. I like it!

Tomorrow is the show. I hope it goes well. If would be wonderful if I could sale everything I have! YES!!!