Friday, August 31, 2012

29 faces and other challanges

So exciting, September is filling up with challanges!  I am joining the 29 faces in September challange!  We are supposed to make 29 faces of any kind during September.  I am really looking forward to it since I have been taking Life Book 2012 and Fab Faces.  It should be fun to have even more face time practice! :)  Woot.  You can find information on the challange at ths link  It looks to be fun!  I just hope I can keep up with posting on a daily basis!  I wonder if youtube videos count as posting?  :)

Secondly, I am doing my own Smashing Art Writing Journal challange 2 (SAW2).  I hosted the art journal challange in July, this is the second round.  You can check that out here on my youtube channel.

My third challange thsi month is an exercise healthier living event.  That you can see here.
Let the fun begin!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tawny Talula Girls

Here are 3 sketches I'm in the middle of drawing. I must say I really do like making art journal/ art pieces- so much fun. I'm glad I took Tam's art journal and Life Book classes this summer! I'm hoping Life Book 2013 will be different enough so I can take it again :) Woot!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Practicing Afro lion's mane hair

I've been doing art all summer. I've totally been enjoying it! Awesome! Here are doodles where I've experimenting with Afro hair styles.