Monday, September 3, 2012

29 faces 3/29 Christmas Miss

I hate winter but love Christmas :)
I wanted to use books pages from an old Christmas song book.


Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

I'm lovin' these faces Lola! #1 is my fave so far.

Anne Rasilainen said...

Great faces, like them all! Keep creative! :)

ziggyshortcrust said...

I love your faces. Here in England we are having a belated summer so I'm not quite ready for Christmas. But Christmas Miss is cute.

NatashaMay said...

That is so cute! :) Love that you painted on the music sheet.

Kristin Dudish said...

That is such a great idea for the background... Your faces are great - I love all of the different background styles (And your flower one is so cute)!


p.s. I feel the exact same way about winter!

Lola D said...

Thank you ladies! This was a fun one. I like it when I can just relax and play.
OMG You guys are creating awesome stuff! I want to draw and paint like that :)
I'm still not good at realistic/noncartoonish.

Renee Stien said...

This is adorable!