Sunday, September 2, 2012

29 Faces 2/29 the Fortune Teller

Here is 2/29!
It totally did not go where I thought it was! That's the best part of true creativity! - never know where you'll truly end up.


lydiapuenteharris said...

Love your fortune teller- the colors and her expression are so strong! Very cool. I also like how you hid some of the background but let it shine through on her headwrap.

Diana said...

Dropping by to to say Great Job! I can't comment everyday because I am trying to download some videos, which take forever. But I will be back in a few.

NatashaMay said...

She looks like a fortune teller to me. Fabulous!

denthe said...

Oh, I love her cap/headwrap!

Lola D said...

Lydia thank you :) My pieces never really g where I think they are going to go which is fun :) For instance I had planned on painting her hair, but the headwrap thng wdecided to want to be :) LOL

Diana _ HI! That's ok. I usally can't commetn everyday either. It just happens to be a long weekend :) yeah!

Natasha- thanks :) LOL I just liked the spider paper :)

denthe Awesome! thanks :) I bought the paper in the $1 bin at JoAnns LOL I guess I am really just a use what is cute and available type gal :)

Chris said...

oooh I wonder what she would say to me if I sat in front of her. Great job x