Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer vacation coming to a close :(

Summer vacation is coming to a close. In about 10 days I'll be off island, away from my sweetheart, back in the states. It's been a different vacation to say the least !
I've experimented with bead stitches. Brick stitch and herringbone have become my new favorites! I've experimented with wire. I now have hair pin fever! I love making them! The take over 4 hours to make but WOW :)
[Due to limited Internet access and difficulty posting from iPhone( my new favorite phone!!!!! I don't know why it took forever to convince me to buy it! It has totally saved my vacation!) I can't seem to post pics as I'd like. But they will be forthcoming.]
this has been an interesting time to expand skills and play! Once I get back, new items and projects to come!

Stay tuned!