Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing with beads!

After working out this morning and getting washed and dressed, I headed out to Kim's, my favorite bead store!! Otherwise known as my happy Zen place. It's funny how everybody talks about Zen, including me, yet, I've never read the whole "Zen" info. Anyway,
I had a great time. We ordered pizza (yeah not the best thing for weight loss but wonderful for comradarie). Then we called in another lady who wanted to buy one of the large orange turquoise pieces I had to make a necklace with. So we ended up with about 4 steady people sitting around the bead table yacking, munching, and making. I finished a bracelet, made a necklace, and showed another lady how to make a tree of life. All so very fun and relaxing!!! If my days could be liek this, I'd love to be a free spirited "house wife". I photo the pieces I made once I finish putting the crimp beads and clasp on the necklace. I'm going to make a pair of earrings to match as well. Maybe a bracelet. We shall see!

Thank GOD!- the years is over! I feel my creativity and energy coming back!!


Swati said...

Wow...that sounds so nice. Would love days like that. My zen places are also similar...bead shops, gemshows (going to Intergem show tomorrow!yayyy!!), and bookstores.

Lola D said...

Awesome, Swati!
I love going to the gem show. Sometimes I don't spend much. Other times I spend most of my $200 limit. MY other Zen places are the reservoir beach, the library, the parks, and my living room! LOL

Have fun at the gem show!