Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crafting is sanity!!!

Today I went out again to get more supplies. My work area is a mess! But how fun is the insanity of creativity!?


Shay Stone said...

Fun fun fun!!! I love craft supplies! Have fun with all your new goodies Ms. Lola :)

Now, I see you've given me the Love ya blog award but don't see anything about what it is. I think you made it up!

Lola D said...

Now you know I did not make it up! LOL There is a post with the info. It's right before this one:)
HUGS MS> Love Ya Blog!

Lola D said...

Shay! oops no it isn't! The Lovely Blog info is on my Wicked Words blog LOL Here is the link http://poetatrabilious.blogspot.com/
lol OOPS

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Insanity is just the right word for what folks like us do! And most definitely lotsa fun!

Shay Stone said...

LOL! Okay.. I was beginning to think you DID make it up! Thanks sweetie:) Jeez I've got to catch up with these lovelies you have sent my way!
Hugs to ya,
Oh.. saw the proposal. Funny!!

Swati said...

Thank you for your award Lola! :-))

Anonymous said...

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