Sunday, June 21, 2009

A free tutorial

I am not sure who this person is. The blog is written in (Hungarian? perhaps). However, the photos are pretty straight forward and the result is so cute! It is for a wire wrapped beaded loop flower. I plan on making one of these myself! Here is the link

12:16 PM- Ok after 3 tries, I finally got it for my purposes. I love this!!!! These are copper 4mm around Red Tiger Eye. The hooks are pure copper as well.

I so have like 4 ideas of how to use these running through my head right now!!!!!

Specs: I used about 3-4 inches of 18 gauge copper wire core, 25 inches of 26 copper wire to wrap, 4mm copper beads.


pippijewelry said...

Oh! Yours turned out great, too! I love them in copper!

Lola D said...

thanks! I am having a ball with the them! I already have a few more things done! Tomorrow more more more. I am surprised at how quick the work up!

Kricsár Annamária said...

Very beautiful! Thanks for the link.

Lola D said...

You're welcome!! When Pippi posted the link in Facebook I had to check it out! I love them! Thanks for posting!