Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wandering Red River Queen

Wandering Red River Queen

A work in progress. I never know where these face pendents will end up. I decided that I would do a work in progress record. The construction is always different and the order freeform random.

I can't wait to see where the Wandering red River Queen will journey!

Copper wire, Mother of Pearl leafs, red tiger eye, wood bicones, seed beads, and what ever else comes out of the proverbial kitchen sink!

Ok ... The final version is complete. I took photos last night but was not as pleased with them. So this morning, after showering- ahhhhh refreshment - :) -- I took out the cell-ie and snapped another round of pics. Here is one I actually like!

I give to you--- Wandering Red River Queen!!!


Sheree said...

Love your use of the MOP in these pieces, Lola. Nice to see your design steps, I'll be watching the Red River Queen's meanderings :)

Sheree said...

She's beautiful, Lola! I'm sure you have quite a following for these ladies :)

Poet Atrabilious said...

Thanks Sheree! I have fun making them. I actually just finished a green apple one a couple hours ago!