Thursday, April 2, 2009

Viking Knit & Birthday Specials

I finished this first Viking Knit attempt last week or so. I enjoyed the technique. It's repetitive weaving is relaxing. I also thrilled when my drawplate finally arrived in the mail. I ripped it out of the package, crabbed pliers, and pulled the knit through! Totally fun to watch the woven tube become this amazing chain! I can't wait to do another.

I also posted my Dainty Sister Pendent over on It's in pending status.

Happy Birthday to me today. 36! I can't believe that! YIKES! But, I am glad to have the day off and relax with my beads, wire, computer, music, and a tad bit of sunshine out! HAPPY DAYS!! I also want to think my friend Kim from Kim's Creative Designs. She gave me a gift bucket of beads, cabs, and donuts. She is the best!! I adore her shop-my happy Zen place! Hugs


Jan said...

If this is your first attempt at Viking knitting, then you are a natural! Very nicely done! I agree that pulling a chain through the drawplate is magical.

Lola_D said...

Yep, this is my first attempt. I am hooked on it now. I love this. The repetitive weaving... so relaxing.

thank you for the comments :)