Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kato polyclay

Yesterday I played with Kato polyclay. Previosuly I had used Sculpey III for my polyclay needs. After working with the Kato, I am hooked! It is a much harder clay to work. It took a fair amount of rolling and working to get it conditioned. However, I loved how it held its shape. Also the clay mixed well. I used translucent and mixed varying amounts of the solid colors into it. When I baked the clay the shine was excelent. I really liked how it had a slight gloss. This was not true when I used translucent Sculpey III- it baked an all the shine dried up.

Here are a few clay faces made of Kato polyclay! I can't wait to work them up into some fantastic wire pendents!!!!


Perfectly Twisted said...

I love these! And now I can follow you Beautiful. ;)
Have a wonderful day... I am enjoying the sunshine, yet working.
Hugs and smiles!

Lola_D said...

You are sweet, Izzy!

Shay Stone said...

You make such good faces!

Oh.. also, I gave you a Lemonade Award for being who you are:) If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about check out my blog post: