Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cell Phone Fun in a Flash!- cross post

Cell Phone Fun in a Flash!!
by Jami Lyn Denman (AKA LOLA_D) Feb. 28, 2009.

Most of us have them. Most of the one's we have come equipped with those quick shutters. Oh, sure they are good for a quick snap of something unimportant or instant gratification, but can you really do anything exciting with them? It's just a cell phone cam. It can't compare to my hefty multi-functioned digi or SLR? Right? Wrong! You can whip that cell phone out and produce some interesting snaps! Come and join the fun!

First, I recommend trying out the features on your cell phone. Simple see what you cell phone cam can do. I have a 3G VU. I simply go click the cam button and up pops a full screen cam with on board controls. There is a mode, zoom, exposure options. There is also a video record option. Under the mod there is micro and night and self timer. Nothing as fancy as what's on the digi's of today, but even these controls can help with a good pic! I'm sure your cell phone cam has its own features. Check them out then take a picture!


The Vu. doesn't have a flash. In low light situations that's definitely a problem. It can also be a problem if the cam is just not picking up the brightness you want to have. Here is a quick tip, turn on the night mode! Sure it's noon but your cell cam isn't reading it right! Flip on the night mode. It also works to adjust some of the color cast. Try it. Take one photo without night mode. Take the same with night mode switched on. Brightness!!!

by Jami Lyn Denman (aka Lola_D) Feb. 28, 2009.

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