Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving experiments! First crochet tutorial!

Ive been obsessed with this crochet thong the last two weeks. This week over thanksgiving break I've actually made several things. I'm glad I had yarn stardust in the closet from previous attempts. Amen for YouTube!!

I've tried to use the basics I've soaked up. I guess it's worked :) I made these new wrist warmers from my own sign! And I made the yellow hat! So cool!

Here are the basic instructions for my warmer below the 2nd pic.

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Lola D said...

Note: All rows joined with a slip stitch. 
           Chain three for each double crochet row

Chain as many to go around your wrist.
Row 2- single crochet in each stitch. Join. Chain 3.
Rows 3- 10 Double crochet in the back loops of each stitch.
Row 11   Double crochet in the back loops of next three stitches.  Create a puff stitch in the 4th. Repeat pattern around.
Row 12 Chain 3. Triple crochet in back loop of every stitch.
Row 13 Repeat row 12
Row 14 - Chain 3.  Triple crochet for three stitches. Triple crochet twice in the 4th stitch. Repeat across the row.(Use back loops).
Row 15 Chain 3. Triple crochet in each SPACE across the row.
Row 16 chain 2. Skip a stitch. Double crochet into the next stitch. Repeat across the row.
Row 17 chain 3. Single crochet in the center stitch of the previous row. Repeat.

Please do not sale my instructions. You can make items for personal use and gifts. Please, link back to my blog. Thanks!
JL Deman
AKA Jamilola