Friday, November 25, 2011

My first wrist warmer!

I've gotten on this crochet bend! Too many hours watching YouTube videos and surfing on-line tuts and patterns :) So fun too learn new things though! It's just what I've needed to get my mind off stressful things going on right now.

This is my first wrist warmer! I used this lovely tutorial/ pattern. Check it out!

I modified the rows above the cuff though. I like the flare look so I added larger shells to each row. Too cute!!

Need to do one for the other hand! :)


Tourmaline2777 said...

Looks great! I tried crochet and knitting and never quite got the hang of it. Maybe I'll give it another try one day.

Lola D said...

I've tried it 2-3 times before now. I also tried knitting. I guess what has done it for me are the YouTube videos! I can read some crochet patterns but this is one of those things I needed to see a person DOING. I don't know it I'll be this obsessed once work starts back up but I like crates that serve double duty- wearable and creative! :)

I've already done 5 of my own designs in 4 days! Not bad!! :)

Of course I'm no where near done with my nano novel but oh well!