Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lurking in my groups- crochet

I started this project using Bethintx1's entrelac tutorial. It's easy and addictive. Ive been obsessed since o started it, but last night I took a break and made other pieces. Today the yellow kept begging to be added. So- this is what is looks like so far.

Here is the link to her video tut- crochet along


My World of Kumihimo said...

Hi Lola,
Really like the entrelac afghan. Is it difficult to do? I've been thinking about trying the technique. I really like your colors. Love green!

Lola D said...

No, the blanket is actually easy! i thought it would be hard because it looks complicated but Bethints1 on youtube does a wonderful tutorial!! It's a crochet along so she goes square by square in a 15 video set! Love it!