Sunday, May 3, 2009

New digital camera on the way!

As you know, my digi cam died. It was fun to take pics with my cell phone when I knew I had my digi back up. When it became a MUST to cell-ie pic- well that was not as fun. It put a crimp in getting more photos and items uploaded to my Etsy site ( I need more sales).

Last night problem solved! Earlier in the day I was on line checking out digi cams. I wanted to see what was new out there and how much it was all going to cost. I had already set my mind to the fact that I would have to spend about $400 to get a new cam. Not exactly what I wantd to do. I was hoping to get a plane ticket to St. Croix for summer vacation! So...

Anyway, I looked at a few Fuji's and Canon's. Digital slr's have come down in price, but I still didn't want to spend $800 for them. Long story short (which is funny how God pays attention to the little things we want in life), about 6 hours later when I was making a bracelet and necklace, my mom (who never watches the Home Shooping Network) calls me and tells me to turn to channel 4. There on the screen was one of the slr type cameras I had looked at earlier in the day! How much was it saleing for you say?- $199.95! YES!!! LESS THAN HALF OF WHAT I HAD SET MY MIND TO PAY!!!! It was normally 499$ in stores! So my aunt ordered it for me. Then my mom tells me that she'll even pay for half of that! With taxes, shipping and a year extended warranty- $245 was cut in half to $125! Now how awesome is God to work that out!!! The additional funny- on the TV they had said it sold out right before my aunt dialed in. She still ended up with it ordered for me! I can't wait to get it by the 12th!

Fujifilm S1500 10MP 12X Optical Zoom

This afternoon I made a quick set from yellow mother of pearl discs, blonde wood, Czech glass, and gold-toned art wire. I call this set Sunshine on Sunday.


Swati said...

Awesome!! New camera!! Is this wonderful offer still available online somewhere?

Lola D said...

I purchased it on the Home Shopping Network. You can get it from the Fuji website but it will cost 2x as much. I got it on special!